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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Jhatpatmenu?
Ans. Jhatpatmenu is a portal which forms a common point for users like you and their nearby favorite restaurants. You can not only search for your favorite restaurants but also order food with just few clicks. It aims to make your life simple.

Q. Why should I use Online Ordering instead of phone orders?
Ans. We all are used to ordering food over the phone. But have you ever waited for the busy tone to end so that you can place your order. With Jhatpatmenu there is no busy line we are always there to take your order. Jhatpatmenu connects you with hundreds of restaurants in your city and you are able to view the menu and the rates. Thus, just clicking on the dishes and specifying the quantity you would like to order gets you what you are looking for to eat. This is far more simple and convenient.  

If you still prefer to call and order jhatpatmenu give you that facility too. You have the menu in front of you and all you have to do it call on our toll free number: 1800-10-29029 and place your order.


Q. Do I need to pay extra to use this site?
Ans. No, you do not need to pay anything extra for using this site. However, the home delivery charge may vary from restaurant to restaurant. The menu page mentions the delivery charges of the restaurant if any.

Q. Do I need to be a member on the site to order?
Ans. Registration is not necessary; you can place the order directly by calling the toll free number. But if you want to avail various benefits that we offer then you will need to register with us.


Q. How is my personal information used?
Ans. Your personal information is not at all shared with any other third party without your prior consent. We provide your info to the restaurant for order execution.

Q. What do “delivery” and “pick-up” mean?
Ans. Delivery: this means you are ordering the food online and it will be delivered by the restaurant directly to your doorstop. All you need to do is sit back and relax; your food will be there.

Pick-up: this means that you will order the food online but you will go and collect it at the restaurant.

Q. How do I make payments for the food that I order?
Ans. We offer both online payments via credit/debit cards and also payment on delivery. The food that you order will be delivered to your address along with the bill. This bill would include the delivery charge (if any). In case of payment on delivery, you can pay the amount directly to the delivery boy.

Q. What address should I use for placing orders? Can it be my office address?
Ans. The address that you mention has to be the place where you want the food to be delivered. I can be office, home or campus but you have to be there to receive the food.

Q. Is there a guaranteed delivery time?

Ans. Jhatpatmenu does not take any responsibility for the time of delivery. The delivery is guaranteed but time depends on the restaurant service and the dish that you have ordered. Also other factors like weather, traffic etc. can add to the time. You can call us on: 1800 10 29029 in case the order is delayed so that we can do a follow-up on the order. Please note that it’s the restaurants that do delivery.

Q. What do I do in case there is some problem with my order?

Ans. Please call us at our customer support number 1800-10-29029. Our customer care executives will assist you with any problems or doubts.

Q. My food wasn’t delivered and I paid by card, can I have a refund?
Ans. In case, this happen you will definitely get the refund. Call us on the toll free number and speak to our customer care executive. Give the details like order number, restaurant name. Do this at the earliest. Once we confirm with the restaurant that the order was not delivered, you shall be refunded.

Q. I don’t have internet access. Can I still use your services?
Ans. Yes, you can also place your order by calling our toll free number : 1800-10-29029.

Q. How do I cancel an order?
Ans. Please note that once you have made your order and your payment has been authorized you will not be able to cancel your order nor will you be entitled to a refund. If you are entitled for a refund (in case of non-delivery), we shall try to do so within 7 working days from the date of Order.